Monday, July 6, 2015

In Which We Celebrate Our Independence...In Cambodia

At our 4th of July zone meeting

This one's gonna be bit quicker. I'm actually emailing from the city today, because we came down for a leadership meeting tomorrow. We left at 6:30 this morning, so it's been a weird P-day. I met the new mission president and his wife! President and Sister Christensen. It was only for a brief few seconds as we were leaving the mission home. But they seem nice! We'll get to talk to and hear from them tomorrow. And then they'll be coming up to Battambang next week. So our mission is in for some changes. It's exciting! But also a little sad to walk into the mission home and know the Moons wouldn't be there. The senior couple up here in Battambang were invited with all the other missionary couples to a goodbye/hello dinner. And they saw the Moons off at the airport. They showed us pictures, and it almost made me want to cry! So many returned missionaries and members showed up to see them off. And they sang "God Be with You Til We Meet Again." There must have been 30 or 40 people there. They will be so missed here! 

Another change is that our numbers are going down. These past few transfers a lot of missionaries have ended, and not very many missionaries (especially sisters!) are coming in. So our force, if you will, will be smaller. And I've heard a rumor that there are no new sisters coming in for the rest of this year. So this girl may not be training on her mission. Which could be a good thing for everyone. We'll see, we'll see. 

We celebrated the Fourth of July this week! We had an "important zone meeting" Saturday afternoon, in which we gathered at the church for lunch and an American celebration, whatever that means. We had a color guard and a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Someday you'll see the video. It was all a bit of a joke. And I'm pretty sure the Khmers thought we were quite literally crazy. But lunch was delicious! I'm fairly sure Sister S. slaved away to make it all for us because it was a feast! Pulled-pork sandwiches, chips and salsa, coleslaw, watermelon, chaa (or Khmer stir-fry) for those less inclined to an American palate. And then dessert! Brownies and two kinds of pie and ice cream! I did not think I would have pie in this country. It was delicious and a very patriotic day. I've never been a patriotic person until I celebrate the Fourth of July in a foreign country (see Thailand, summer 2013).

I got to go on another exchange this week. With Sister Koung. It was a lot of fun. It's been really fun getting to know her these past few transfers. We proselyted in her area, branch 3. There are three branches here in Battambang. But the fun thing about this area is that it feels like everyone knows each other. We all share the same building, and between baptisms pretty much every Saturday night and stake "singing practice" each week. We all get to see a lot of each other. Missionaries too. Battambang is seriously the best. But speaking of singing practice, I have now become the designated piano player. The church came out with a newer version of a hymn book in Khmer (before they only had probably 40 songs). But no one ever sings them because no one knows them. So every Sunday night we get together and practice singing a few new songs each week, which used to be fun until this transfer when the sister who actually knew how to play the piano left leaving me to rely upon my 7th grade piano skills. It's rough. Anyone out there prepping for a mission, practice the piano! Either that or just unlearn it all, and then they can't depend on you. 

As for the work in our area this week, it's going pretty good. We've found ourselves teaching quite a few kids actually which I like to joke about because everyone knows teaching kids can be risky business. But it's not really in our case because the kids we are teaching are connected to active members or are also getting baptized. We're teaching a nine year old girl who comes to church every week with her grandma and aunt and uncle. So she's active already and has pretty much grown up in the church. So the lessons here are kind of a formality. But it's been a lot of fun teaching her because she's so smart. But really, she pretty much teaches us. 

So we've got five baptisms planned for this month, and it's looking like they'll all pan out! Pretty exciting. 

Sorry, this is so short! Have a good week!

The amazing meal.

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  1. So fun to read this! Miss you tons, Lindsey!